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quarta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2013

The Doors - The Rock is Dead Sessions

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01. Roadhouse Blues (Vocal Vamp Fragment)
02. Seminary School (Playback Over Bit of Track)
03. Talk
04. Seminary School/Whisky Mystics(Full Take)
05. Whisky Mystics… Cont.
06. Love Me Tender
07. Gonna Save the Whole World
08. Woman is a Devil/Rock and Roll is Dead
09. No Impablimations… Let’s Roll!
10. Boogie All Night Long/Rap
11. Rock and Roll Woman
12. Queen of the Magazines
13. Madison (Fragment)/Wipe Out (Ventures Song)
14. Naked Woman
15. Rock Me
16. Mystery Train/Train Jam (with Jim Morrison on Harp)/Big Black Train
17. A Little Piece…
18. I Could Not Help Myself
19. Rock and Roll is Dead
20. It’s Over…I Feel So Sad…
21. The Death of Rock… Conclusion (Jim on Harp)
22. Petition the Lord (Tk.1)/Talk
23. Love Me Tender (Pt 2 Only)
24. Rock is Dead (Edited)
25. Woman is the Devil (?) (Bass Solo Part)
26. I Wanna Talk to Them Peoples/No Revolution… No Impablimations… Let’s Roll!/Boogie All Night Long/Rap
27. I Wanna See Some Dancin’ in the Streets/Rock and Roll Woman
28. Queen of the Magazines/Madison (Fragment)
29. Wipe Out (Ventures Song, Cuts)
30. Naked Woman (Cuts - But Has More Complete Part Before Jam Which Cuts on Other Versions)/Rock Me (Cuts)
31. Mystery Train (Cuts)
32. Train Jam (with Jim on Harp)/Big Black Train (Cuts)
33. A Little Piece/Don’t Do It/I Could Not Help Myself/Rock and Roll is Dead
34. It’s Over… I Feel So Sad/We Had Some Good Times/Under the Ground/The Death of Rock… Conclusion (Jim on Harp)
35. Whiskey, Mystics and Men (with Petition… Intro)
36. Love Me Tender (Short)
37. Woman is a Devil
38. Train Jam (Edit)
39. Rock is Dead Jam (Edit)

Gravações feitas no Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, em 25 de fevereiro de 1969.

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